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Stylo G Drops “Dumpling (Remix)” Feat. Sean Paul & Spice, Watch Video

Dancehall artistes Sean Paul and Spice remixed Stylo G’s hit song “Dumpling” and the visuals have finally arrived.

The official music video was shot in Spanish Town, St. Catherine and premiered today (Oct 28) on Stylo G’s Youtube channel. It features uniformed dance groups, bike stunts and amusingly, actual dumplings being shared from its boiling pot. Spice really goes all in on her verse with solid lyrics and a new take on Stylo G’s original flow. The dancehall diva was introduced in the music video with a choreographed piece along with her backup dancers. “Baddest female out deh tell dem fi confront / Location a change, a di money me a hunt / First class upfront / It a lef a gyal a grunt / Mi back account fatter than mi front,” she deejays.

Sean Paul as usual adds an even wider international appeal and flavor to the song with his popular sound and his own spin on the track’s signature flow as well. “Big bad blazing and blunting / Mek way fi di big truck shunting / Steadily we p*m p*m hunting / Nah no time fi di war nor di gun ting / Ya hear mi my G a jus fun ting / Run di gyal dem wata like a fountain / From dem sitten it puff up like a mountain,” the famous dancehall artiste deejays.

Stylo G rocks a matching headpiece with each shirt or jacket he wears in the video and fans might notice that dancehall artiste Chi Ching Ching also makes a rare appearance. Check out the music video for the “Dumpling Remix”.