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Squash Drops New Single “Scotch & Soda”

Squash the 6ix Boss released a brand new track called “Scotch & Soda,” and 6ix fans are loving the new sound.

Squash has been steadily improving in his craft this year, and he continues to show this with his latest single. The catchy track is a typical baller anthem that talks about liquor, jewelry, women, and brand name apparel. The song is a 6ixReal Records and Malakhii Records production. “Scotch & Soda” is a three-minute and twenty-five-second track that features an upbeat instrumental and some swaggy vocals from the 6ix Boss. The adlibs and background vocals are also a nice addition to the overall production.

“Wah we a rock? Scotch & Soda / 6ix Boss and di wul team we a soldier / General a road, couple badge pon mi shoulder / Wrist and mi neck freeze but mi heart colder,” Squash deejay.

Squash uses a lot of space in this recording, which brings a light and airy feeling to the track that has a “lean back” vibe. Check out the bounce in the 6ix Boss’ latest song.