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DaBaby Crashed Into A Fan Car Playing His Music, Here Is What He Did Next

DaBaby found himself giving out money to another fan, but this time it wasn’t any ordinary gifts.

DaBaby has been on a giving spree lately, helping fans in need every chance he gets. In the midst of turning his image around from a violent fighter who pops off at shows, he has recently given money to homeless fans and donated to kids selling candy on the street. But a few days ago Da Baby wound up giving money to a fan for accidentally wrecking into her vehicle. The “Suge” rapper posted a video to social media explaining that he had rear-ended a young lady at a red light, and he ended up giving her $150 for her troubles.

“I just ran into her car at the light. She said ain’t no damages, it’s cool. I said let me give you a couple of these pink 50s anyway. I gave her $150, I said this from DaBaby.” You can see the girl standing outside of his window in the video, and DaBaby said that she happened to be bumping his music when the crash occurred. “She said I’m listening to your s*t right now. I done ran into the back of her sh*t while she playing my sh*t. You said it’s okay, right?”

Essentially he wanted to make sure that $150 would cover his faults even though she admitted there was no damage done to her car. “It looks fine … or else.. It looks great,” she said hesitantly. “Good thing I had your song on. That’s the only reason.”

After the woman walked back to her car, DaBaby kept the camera rolling to ensure that the agreement was made that he would not be held responsible for the accident. “I had proof so, don’t try to .. .you know. Ain’t no damages. This really for court baby. You know, I appreciate you. Ni**as have insurance but this for court. No damages. No damages,” he said.

The woman pulled off, and DaBaby went on about his evening.