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T-Pain Says He Was Advice To Lie About Tour Cancellation Over Poor Ticket Sales

T-Pain has stepped forward to address the sudden cancellation of his upcoming tour.

Has T-Pain reached the end of the road? The Auto-tune rapper has canceled his entire tour due to low ticket sales. Let’s be honest…how many artists have had to cancel their entire tour due to poor ticket sales? It’s such an unfortunate thing to happen, and T-Pain is undoubtedly not one of those rappers that something like that should ever happen to. He has had hit after hit going back over a decade, and he is certainly no novice to having a number one album. Earlier this year, T-Pain had to cancel a few show stops as he suffered from temporary vocal damage. The rapper recovered from his injuries and planned to go on his 1UP DLC tour.

T-Pain has always been a genuine guy. He’s very honest and down to earth and loved by his fans, so it was definitely appreciated when he took to his Instagram page to post a video detailing the reasons why the tour had to be canceled. “Let me start by saying that my team set up the tour in September. If you’ve ever set up a whole month-long tour before, you’d know that’s not enough time to set up a full tour,” he stated.

The rapper then laid down some honesty saying that “Some corners got cut, production went missing. I wasn’t as hands-on with the planning and things that I should’ve been because I’ve been busy as hell.” He went on to elaborate that he mistakenly thought he could count on the previous success of the first 1UP Tour, but it was not so, and he canceled the tour to save face. “I thought since the first 1UP Tour went well and sold out every city, it should be good. Having said that, I’m gonna take it upon myself to cancel [the tour]. It just would have been a bad look for me and it wouldn’t have been entertaining for y’all.”

The most shocking part of the video was his admission that he was told to lie about the reason why the tour had to be canceled, but he couldn’t do that to his loyal fans, “I was advised to lie about this and say that I needed some time or I needed some alone time or me time. Ah, or some s**t like that… We f**ked up. I’ mma keep it real with y’all. Most artists lie. Whenever concerts get canceled or tours get canceled, it’s for low ticket sales. I think that’s wrong, that’s f**ked up.”

T-Pain closed the video by giving a word to the wise, “You can’t hold onto a mistake just because you spent a long time making it.” Fans have been thanking T-Pain for his honesty and showing him a lot of love and support. One fan commented, For all that T-Pain does, and all that he has contributed, I will always support T-Pain.” Another added, “hip hop doesn’t age well. other genres great artist can easily go on the road, but hip hop is all about the here and now.”

The rapper also responded to all the love from fans tweeting, “Sure would’ve loved all this media coverage when I announced the tour. The media loves life’s lows. FREE PROMO FOR THE BAD S**T!! EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT THE NEGATIVE PARTS!!!!!!!”

He later added, “All good tho. I really really really really really appreciate the love you guys give me and have for me. After 15 years I know how these things go. I love y’all fr. I’ll be buyin those dranks soon enough. LOOK OUT FOR NEW TOUR DATES!!!!!”

Although this is pretty disappointing, fans will thankfully be getting a full refund, and they can look forward to new tour dates. Hopefully, they don’t have to wait too long.