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A$AP Rocky Confess He Has A Shocking Addiction, Fans Reacts

A$AP Rocky is spilling the beans on his shocking addiction to sex.

The Harlem rapper sat down with Angie Martinez on “Untold Stories of Hip Hop” for an interview where he gets candid about everything, including being a “sex addict.” While some of his fans feel like that is no surprise given the number of women he has been linked to, others expressed their shock at him labeling himself as a “sex addict.” A$AP Rocky has been in the headlines a lot over the past couple of months from his arrest in Sweden, to his recent performance at Rolling Loud, where he got some heat for seemingly dissing Travis Scott.

Rocky has been vocal in the past about his love for getting down with women, but this is perhaps the first time that he is going into in-depth details about his addiction. The 31-year-old rapper told Angie Martinez that he started at a very young age when he was in junior high, and he thought that it was a phase, but it wasn’t. A$AP makes it clear that he is not ashamed to admit it and that he wears his heart on his sleeve.

“These are things people stay away from,” he said in the interview. “They don’t like to admit. I can’t be embarrassed by it. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I don’t do nothing that I’m not proud of speaking of.”

Last year, A$AP Rocky also got pretty candid in an interview with Esquire magazine when he revealed that he dropped $100,000 on a bed for his home because of his activities with a lot of close female companions. He also admitted to experiencing his first orgy at 13 years old.

A$AP Rocky also spoke about his stint in a Swedish prison in the early parts of the summer. The full interview will be aired on WE TV on Thursday.

“This is my type of guy give me both A$AP and Rocky at the same time,” one female fan wrote while another added, “This explains why he can’t keep one woman for too long but I wonder what he did when he was in prison in Sweden, should be interesting to hear.”