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Irie FM DJ Blast Dancehall Star Daddy1 and Heavy D After No Show At Event

Member of the 6IX team, Daddy1 is under fire from the management of Irie FM after being a no-show at an event for which the St. Ann-based radio station had booked him to perform on Saturday.

On top of failing to show up at the venue, Irie FM announcers K’Shema Francis and Courtney Mac slammed the artiste for lying to them about the reason for his absenteeism, on their afternoon program What’s The Scoop, on Saturday. They also castigated the entire 6IX crew and their management for being highly unprofessional.

K’Shema did not mince words as she ripped into the entire 6IX team from the top tier administrators to the artistes, whom she labeled as being “renowned for no-shows.”

“Mi waa bun out Daddy1; mi want bun out Heavy D and mi a bun out di entire team, yeh. Because, differently, if you make an obligation, you have to fulfill it, and you cannot come up with lame excuses. I don’t know if after passing the sixth stoplight you decided that you want to tun back. You are saying you saw an accident and then you turned back,” Francis stated.

“We actually did some investigation and based on our information that we received there are no accidents currently along the roadways,” she added, while describing their explanation as ‘hogwash.’

Courtney Mac, similarly, did not spare any punches towards the Montego Bay-based group, which is known for singing on hip-hop and trap beats.

“Dis a gwan too long. A no just yessideh. Mi a bun out di whole 6IX and di reason mi a bun out di whole 6IX a becaw di unprofessionalism. It no work none at all inna di business and so often wi a hear so many different tings bout wha gwaan and while wi a seh wi a gi di entertainer dem di benefit a di doubt, sometimes when these tings happen so often, wi haffi really pree it pon a deeper level,” he argued.

“And especially when it come on to a media house like Irie FM, who we in touch with your management team for how long now and confirmed, double-confirmed, triple-confirmed…and den when it reach down to di crunch time yuh a go gi some silly excuse bout yuh si accident pon di road an yuh turn back and bout 30 people lef from Montego Bay and reach Ocho Rios long time and a wait,” he said.

The disc jockey also said the other persons within the group also have a responsibility to be forthright with the artistes and tell them when they are being unprofessional.

“Daddy1, 6IX, the whole team, yuh si di yes man ting mi naw play wid it enuh. Tell the artiste that they are unprofessional…So much people caan a complain bout di 6IX.