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Squash Drops A New Song “We Out” – Listen

Squash just released his new song ‘We Out’ courtesy of Mystro Musiq, and the ‘Trending’ deejay seems to be gunning for another trending hit. The unannounced and abrupt ending to the musical clash between Squash and Alkaline might have been a disappointment to fans, but it seems it only gave the 6ix boss the opportunity to improve his craft.

This song is lyrically commendable and the overall production comes together quite well in the mastered track. The instrumental, which is called ‘New Life Riddim’ though seemingly generic, is also a great composition and the type of dancehall beat that would appeal to any dancehall artiste.

“Every gal love 6 / Dem a seh me a dem Zaddy / Dem a run eh p***y suh mi tek it like a cabby / Real gyallis from birth yu know mi get it from mi daddy / Have di money like di cabbage / So mi wicked so mi savage / An mi lifestyle it suh lavish,” Squash deejay.

Squash aims to flaunt his lavish lifestyle in this newest release, along with his ‘badness’ roots and ‘gyallis’ agenda. He also establishes the fact that he has a very widespread base of support, giving a shout out to a myriad of local communities and areas throughout the track. This could have been done in an effort to rally more fans from these areas. If the Youtube comments are any indication, fans who are residents of the mentioned locations are loving this song. “Seaview, sandy park we out,” one user wrote.

Listen to ‘We Out’ by Squash here.