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Gucci Mane Calls Out Angela Yee AGAIN, The Breakfast Club Claps Back

Angela Yee’s words have come back to haunt her. Gucci Mane posted an old video clip of her flirting with him after denying that she had ever attempted to hook up with him.

Back in the day, Gucci Mane was a completely different man than he is now. Many have speculated that he’s actually a clone, but we won’t get into that. The rapper was known for his legal disputes and his non-caring attitude. He was the focus of repeated controversy, and he was reportedly difficult to work with. However, these days, he has a new outlook on life. Along with a toned beefed up body, the rapper has a new lease on life. After his stint in jail, Gucci has married his longtime girlfriend Keyshia Ka’Oir, released new music, and is now the face of luxury brand Gucci’s S/S 2020 campaign.

Some skeletons just won’t stay hidden, though, as is evident with his back and forth with Power 105.1’s host Angela Yee. The rapper took to Instagram to shed some light on the situation, suggesting that he is banned from The Breakfast Club. Gucci posted a video of the 2016 interview that took place on the show with him and Angela Yee, during which he calls her out for wanting to get with him. Angela vehemently denied those claims during the interview. However, the rapper put a twist on the video and edited in another interview, which dates back to 2010, during which Angela was clearly showing the rapper a flirtatious vibe.

“We were cool [but]…I was not on your d*ck,” Angela said as DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God laughed loudly in the background. Gucci looked shocked and responded, “You text me what hotel you was at…” Angela plainly claimed he was lying and must have had her confused with another woman, and when Gucci mentioned the previous interview, she said, “That definitely wasn’t me.” That was the scenario of the 2016 interview. The 2010 interview, however, drops straight receipts on Angela as it showcases that she was, in fact, feeling the rapper.

“Can you take it?” Gucci said in the older interview. “I’m sure,” Yee replied lauging. “You know what they say about little girls, especially Asian ones.” To which Gucci replied, “Fat pu**y,” Angela continued, “I was gonna say deep.”

Gucci captioned his enlightening video creation, “Wow! So you mean to tell me The breakfast club BANNED me 4 this? #TruthHurts #getoffmyd**k.”

Angela commented on his post, “Back on those drugs I see.” Meanwhile, over on Twitter, Gucci responded to a poll that asked who was lying about the situation. The rapper brazenly tweeted, “Punk a*s wh**es.”

At this point, Gucci appears to be the honest one in the situation, and fans have been siding with him, stating that he has no reason to lie.