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Chronic Law Drops “Real War” As 6ix & Vendetta Beef Simmers

The 6ix camp is back on the warpath, and they’re only taking turns at the target, Chronic Law just released his new song “Real War” to remind listeners that just because it’s songwriting doesn’t mean it’s fiction.

“A real war man ina / No joke no Oliver / Real tears real blood a fall / Cya sleep good none at all,” Law Boss deejays.

The song is a Zoomm and TGO Records production and is being distributed by Zojack. Chronic Law’s flow and style in this song are very similar to his signature sound that some have grown to love, and others have grown tired of. However, the deejay wants us to know that this is a real song about his real life.

“A nuff night my mommy bawl / Badness f**k up but it affi gwan / To mi fans dem do nuh pree me / Mi nuh do no love song becah mi love leave me / Mi sing bout mi life and wah happen ina mi circle / And da song ya a bill offa wah happen dis evening / A nuff night man hear voice screaming ina my head and wake up paranoid a look ina ceiling / A nuff youth seh dem wah be me / A chu dem nuh know seh a real war man ina,” the deejay rhymes.

For many who can relate, this is a heartfelt song that might become a personal favorite. Though the Lawboss’ impression in the song is nothing extraordinary, his message is heard differently. In the first hour of the song’s premiere on Youtube, fans were already swarming the comments like a beehive. One user wrote, “Bredda we need more music okay. Like this one” and others agreed while another said, “‘Me nuh do love song cause love leave me’ Same way mi feel dawg.”

That track hit different when you can relate. Check out ‘Real War’ by Chronic Law.