Christopher Martin & Romain Virgo Drops “Glow” Video

High off the success from their first collaboration, former Rising Stars winners, Romain Virgo, and Christopher Martin are back with “Glow.”

Staying true to the conscious vibe that both artistes are known for, “Glow” takes you on a path of upliftment, motivation, and self-preservation. You can feel the energy of the “Love Doctor” as he sings, “Hey, no matter what nobody say / Live life your own way / Even when the world’s against you.” Chris carries on the chorus with, “Hey no matter what nobody say / Do things your own way even when the world’s against you.” The two singers harmonize for the ending of the chorus and belts out, “Let your light Glow.”

The video is all about the beautiful colors and overall people of Jamaica. The cameras are taken on a stroll through the streets of Kingston as see the pair interacting with fans of all ages. It seems they even have time to stop at a corner shop, where they trade lyrics. RD Studios provide a simple but effective concept showcasing unity and togetherness of people; Jamaica embracing the Motto, Out of Many One People. Rd Studios also brought a bit of their creativity to the forefront with the use of some Freeze-Frame techniques. The little things do make a great impact, as one viewer commended Rd Studios for employing this technique, “The videographer and editor i like the freezing of frames within the video.”

Many persons love the solidarity between the two Rising Stars winners. Christopher Martin won the Digicel Rising Stars competition in 2003 while, Romain Virgo took home the title in 2007. A lot of persons are interested in the two doing more than just singles together. It seems the fans would love to see an album from arguably two of the best to come from the Rising Stars competition.

Romain Virgo’s discography includes three albums, Romain Virgo RV (2010), The System (2012), and Lovesick (2018). Both artistes are currently signed to the largest reggae label and publisher in the world, Vp Records. With this in mind, an album may just be possible.

Since its Youtube release on September 29, 2019, the video for “Glow” has racked up a decent total of 193,046 views.