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Rakim Threatens MC Serch Over Ghostwriting Accusations, “I Will Knock Him The F Out”

Rakim is threatening to give MC Serch a knockout punch over some accusations about ghost writing.

In an interview with Shade 45 this week, the legendary hip-hop icon Rakim responded to comments from interviewer Lord Sear about MC Serch’s ghostwriting claims, saying he will knock Serch “the f**k out” for suggesting he once wrote for the God Emcee. The statement in question was taken from an interview with MC Serch featured on Vlad TV last year. It seems Rakim was learning about the comments for the first time during his most recent interview on his book tour for his memoir and writing guide, Sweat the Technique.

Rakim may have been caught off guard by the accusation and responded without knowing the full context of Serch’s so-called ghostwriting claims.

In the Vlad TV interview, MC Serch claims Lyor Cohen, an industry executive at the time, called Serch to ask for help. Cohen described Rakim as having writer’s block and asked for the young rapper to send fresh lyrics their way. According to Serch, when Eric B., Rakim’s music partner, caught wind of the request, he shut it down immediately and never spoke to MC Serch again. During the telling of this story, Serch repeatedly expressed his awe and admiration for the legendary Rakim and explained that having the chance to write for him was the highlight of his career, even if the deal never came to fruition.

Lord Sear may have been trying to instigate beef when bringing up the Serch story to Rakim, and MC Serch is now calling Sear out on his shady interviewing style. Serch responded to Rakim’s comments on his Instagram, saying, “Lord Sear, for you to tell f*ckin’ Rakim that I wrote a rhyme for him — yo, f*ck you Sear. Trying to get f*ckin’, some little f*ckin’ shine for your bullsh*t ass show.”

Serch is now asking for a retraction from Shade 45 for inaccurately portraying him to his self-professed hero. Links to the original interview with Vlad TV, the interview with Rakim, and MC Serch’s Instagram response are posted below!