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Alkaline Breaks From War Drops Track For The Ladies “Thug Loving”

Alkaline took a break from the Vendetta/6ix war to drop something for the ladies called “Thug Loving.”

With the beef between the 6IX camp coming to a cooling point, one might say that Alkaline is finally off his warpath and is back to making music for the ladies. The Vendetta boss recently released a new track called “Thug Loving.” As the title suggests, it is all about that ride or die partners; that one lover who you just cannot shake the memory of.

The baseline of the riddim seems straight from the ’90s. This era of music is considered one of the best in dancehall history and is a go-to for producers looking to give their tracks that extra oomph. If this track is marketed correctly, it seems it could be a club banger and a staple on most dancehall DJ’s request list. The addition of the “Spoil You” deejay’s soft, seductive tone should make “Thug Loving” a hit, especially among his female fans.

Alkaline has been catering to the ladies from the start of his career, with hits such as “123” and “Things Me Love” putting the ladies in a frenzy whenever they are played. His “Problem Child Mixtape” which was mixed and released by Zj Wah Wah in 2013 also provided some terrific cuts and remixes which showcased his creativity.

Never one to shy away from controversy, he has engaged in many lyrical standoffs with others dancehall artiste such as Ryme Minista, Popcaan, Kartel, and most recently Squash.

Go on out and listen “Thug Loving” and rekindle the fire for that past love you have not been able to let go.