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DaBaby Says He Was Never Married, But His Yearbook Says Otherwise

DaBaby just debunked the latest rumor about him and his love life.

On a day where DaBaby should be kicking back celebrating the release of his sophomore album Kirk, instead, the Charlotte rapper is responding to rumors that he was once married in high school. An excerpt from Da Baby’s high school yearbook circulated on social media late Thursday that led fans to believe that he tied the knot at a young age.

“Jonathon is intelligent, handsome, and the best at everything he does,” read the caption next to the yearbook photo of Jonathan L. Kirk’s — Da Baby’s real name. “After graduation, Jon plans to attend ECU, NC A&T or WSSU. His favorite quote to live by is ‘Women lie, men lie, numbers don’t.’ The most inspirational person in his life has been his wife, Ashley Kirk.”

That last line raised a few eyebrows and fans began to speculate if Da Baby had a past marriage that we didn’t know about, being as though the young lady even shared his last name. But the 27-year-old XXL Freshman quickly put those rumors to bed saying that the whole thing was a joke. “Shawty was in yearbook club, she got off. That’s my dawg tho. Used to let me drive her car & errrthang.” He later doubled down in a video saying “Y’all stupid a** hoes really think Baby used to be married, in high school??”

Welp, it was a funny thought while it lasted. The internet is good for taking an assumption about a celebrities life and running with it — like that one time when we said Rihanna was pregnant. Anyhow, Da Baby continued to promote his new album, Kirk, inspired by his last name and his late father who appears on the album cover. He went on about his day and celebrated the release with posting videos with him and his kids to his IG story.