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Kemar Highcon Says Dancehall Gun Songs Have No International Appeal

Sauce Boss Kemar Highcon says he is less than impressed with gun songs in the Dancehall, and would never release any such tunes, as these have absolutely no international appeal.

“I cannot sing about something I cannot relate to. It don’t mek no sense. Because you know within yourself you are not a bad man,don’t sing dem song deh, because it’s not going to sell,” he said in a recent interview on The Fix entertainment show.

“I can talk about girls, clothes, being happy, sauce all day, because I know about dat. So for me personally, that’s how I market myself. I never see a bad man song cross. And for the past four or five generations, maybe six, maybe seven, who are the two people that come up when you talk about cross over music: Shaggy, Sean Paul,” he argued.

Kemar Highcon said Sean Paul and Shaggy’s prowess could be used as best practices for artistes to emulate if they want to reach the heights of international stardom. Both Dancehall artistes are Grammy award winners and multiple-time nominees.

“And how you going do that, is either you do the things that they have done to get to that point, or try to think of ways in our own way to get to that point, but use the similar formula. Gun songs don’t cross. I neva hear one cross. It nice; it have a vibe. I wouldn’t tell yuh seh I don’t like gunman songs or bad man songs, but would I sing one: maybe not. Have I ever done one: yes. Would I put it out: no,” the former St. Jago High School student said.

In the meantime, the Sauce Boss says he is gearing up for the release of his upcoming 15-track EP titled Sauce is Forever on his 29th birthday on October 25.

“This is going to be my first body of work, and I am really excited about it. I am looking to have at least two features on it; two big artistes on it,” he said.

Highcon, who formerly studied Criminal Justice at the University of Phoenix in the United States, is famous for his songs So Saucy, Talk Bout and Oh Gosh. This past summer has proved to be a very favorable one for him with two major endorsements, namely brand ambassador for Pizza Hut, as well a mobile phone company Digicel, which made him the face of their Saucy Summa Promotion.