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Macka Diamond Has No Plans To Retire From Dancehall, Goes Into Vaginal Steaming Business

Macka Diamond says she has a few health and wellness-related business ventures up her sleeves.

According to Macka Diamond, she has plans underway for a YouTube Channel called Naturally Happy, which is set to begin very soon, and which has arisen out of fans wanting to know some of her health secrets which have contributed to her now slimmer-younger-looking physique.

“A lot of people want me to talk to them about their health, so it is definitely a new venture coming for me,” she said recently, as she live-streamed a media interview with a local television channel on her Instagram page.

Macka said she has also entered into the vaginal-steaming business and her brand Pink Pearl Steaming, is also in the pipeline.

“Other stuff that I am naturally doing also has inspired me. So I am coming out also with my spa steaming for the ladies private parts,s which is natural. So if the ladies have belly pain or are going through your monthly problems, you can sit over the steam and you’re gonna feel better,” she explained.

Describing it as a continuation of her journey, the artiste whose given name is Charmaine Munroe, said her new business ventures have also been influenced by her change in eating habits to a plant-based diet which also inspired her newest single “Cucumber,” for which she has been getting rave reviews.

“For the last three years, I have been on my diet change and I’ve been eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. Listening to this rhythm from Lovestar Productions I was thinking I could sing something about the cucumber, because growing up I always loved the cucumber juice. I was gonna talk about the cucumber, but musically. So it just fall into place,” she explained.

“I am working on me. It started out of me working on me; it became something that I started to love, because me working on me, I start to look good. I finally find a way I can keep my big belly down and keep my shape and I feel more healthy and I feel more stronger,” she added.

Macka Diamond also said she has no plans to retire from music anytime soon and that 2019 was one of the best years for her in terms of overseas bookings, which spanned Seychelles, the United States, and Canada.

“Retirement for me is when you no have no more life inna yo baddy. I am doing me; I am just doing music. I still sound good; I still have my style. I don’t sound any different and God is still blessing me so I am still working with what God has in store for me…my energy is: keep going until death do me and music part,” she said.