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Queen Ifrica Rips Dancehall Entertainers For Lack Of Support For Environment Issues

Queen Ifrica and Bounty Killer

Queen Ifrica expressed disappointment with members of the entertainment fraternity who failed to turn out to the anti-bauxite mining demonstration at Heroes Circle in Kingston yesterday.

The artiste made her discontentment clear on her Instagram Live feed, after marching from Heroes Circle to the precincts of Gordon House (Jamaica’s Parliament) along with scores of protesters including environmentalists and Maroons from the Cockpit Country.

“Wi link all some artiste, and some artiste a mek wi know seh dem deh a studio and dem a duh weh dem a duh. But anno crowd wi a look enuh, a response. We a look a touchable response to what is happening in our country,” Ifrica said.

The artiste, whose given name is Ventrice Morgan, also accused persons operating in the blogosphere of showing a lack of support for the movement.

“Mi notice seh di bloggers and di vloggers dem, dem naw support weh wi a do, like dem only waa put up negative tings bout Jamaica. Everyting weh negative bout Jamaica, di whola oonu jump an oonu ready fi slander Jamaica, but as wi seh come togedda inna one voice fi talk fi wi country and wi people dem weh a suffa, everyaddy gone quiet,” she stated.

According to the 44-year-old artiste, all her activism relating to the Cockpit have been apolitical, as she is not a supporter of either of Jamaica’s political parties.

“Dis a no nuttn bout no politics. Some politicians a go try wings yes, and mek it look like wi a form alliance. Wi no form alliance wid no govament. Wi no care who in powa or who in opposition. Dis a people suppm. Wi a stan wid di people of Jamaica to protect what is rightfully ours; a dat wi a defen,’ she exclaimed.

“Andrew Holness have good intentions; Peter Phillips have good intentions and I am sure Noranda (Bauxite Company) is going to say that they have good intentions. But these intentions are not necessarily helping us out as a people,” Ifrica contended.”

She also said she would not stop her activism until Government addresses the issue frontally, and called for all Jamaicans to stand up for their rights, wherever they are infringed.

“Who nuh waa support it, a your bad luck, a no our own. An wi will neva stap talking on behalf a di truth and on behalf a Jamaica people, original Jamaica people tuh; mi naw talk no knock off Jamaican nighda, caw a nuff knock-off Jamaican deh-deh weh no like Jamaica an waa si Jamaica mash up, an no waa support, an a worry when dem si Jamaica people tek a stand,” she claimed.

“Stan up fi wha oonu want an stap gwaan like a no we seh free worl. A we free di people everyweh inna di worl. Africa look to we as Jamaicans, so a di time now fi we as Jamaica show dem seh wi a no wimp bout yah, an wi have wi rights and wi no care wha di outcome as lang as di people undastan seh dah fight yah a fi dem,” she added.