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Mr. Vegas Says He Tried To Steal D’Angel From Bounty Killer

Ricky Trooper apparently said a barrage of unmentionable things last week, which hurt his Dancehall compatriot, Mr. Vegas’ heart to the core.

According to Vegas, in a recent Instagram rant, Trooper had attempted to mix up his name and cast aspersions about his sexual proclivities. He said he was not about to let the sound system selector get the better of him, as he has a reputation to protect and had a duty to be a role model for his children.

But the hurt he said he felt, also led to some big confessions about how he had pursued the girlfriends of other artistes in the business and how some artistes had also taken away sweethearts of his.

“All D’Angel mi call one time a try deh wid har; she run mi offa di phone. A wha day she a tell mi seh she shoulda did deh wid mi. Look pon di internet yo see it. She seh shi should a did deh wid mi. Caw Killa a call up mi name and mi jus call D’Angel a try deh wid har,” Vegas said, as he burst out in laughter.

“Go look pon Girls Time video. A mi an Lexxus woman inna di bathroom. Oonu know nuttn bout mi? What you about me?” he said in questins directed at Trooper and then hissing his teeth.

Vegas also confessed that he had a habit of bawling over women, from his boyhood days growing up in Kingston city.

“A lang time mi a bawl ova pum-pum bout yah. One time Tony Curtis a f*ck one a mi gyal weh mi love, mi bawl like a baby. Dem time deh social media neva deh, but if mi did deh pon di social media mi woulda come bawl,” he said.

“A nuff time mi bawl ova pum-pum; nuff time. Den weh mi fi bawl ova? A heaven dat. So how so many a oonu a bawl seh oonu want go be with Jeezas? Mi a di biggest gyal clown bout yah. Go ask Bounty Killa why him hate mi. Go ask him,” he said, chuckling.

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Turning back to the issue with Ricky Trooper, Vegas said he had to protect his honor at all costs, and that meant putting the selector in his place.

He went on to make a barrage of allegations about what he said were Troopers’ own objectionable sexual tendencies, for which there was proof.

“Nobaddy no know which part mi deh, which part mi go, which part mi from. Di fus time oonu get a insight inna mi life a when likkle judgment did come and mi come bawl mek oonu si. An oonu say: ‘oh sh*t him a bawl ova pum-pum’,” he said.