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Mac Miller Died Leaving Behind An $11 Million Fortune

Mac Miller birthday

Mac Miller is leaving his family and friends with an $11 million fortune.

The late rapper’s estate was appraised and reportedly values about $11.3 million to be allocated among his closest friends and family. According to TMZ, Miller’s estate filed new legal documents showing Mac’s wealth, including his personal property and cash on hand. His friends will inherit most of his valuable belongings, including jewelry and of course, his family will acquire the rest.

Here is a breakdown of how the assets will be split: Mac Miller‘s close friend Bryan Johnson will get all of his clothing and electronics, specifically his TV, laptop, iPads, and other gadgets. His other friend, Q Chandler-Cuff, will receive more than 20 pieces of jewelry that is said to be valued at tens of thousands of dollars. All of the late rapper’s musical instruments and equipment will go to his buddy Dylan Rectenwalk which reportedly includes a $5,000 guitar, and Jimmy Murton, another friend of Miller, will get his household furnishings said to valued around $20,000.

After all that sharing with his friends, one would think there is not much left for Miller’s family, but he left them more than $5 million in bank and brokerage accounts and whatever else he had to his name.

Some fans, friends and even family have still not come to terms with Mac Miller’s untimely death. He died in his Studio City, California home on September 7 at just 26 years old from an accidental drug overdose – a lethal combination of fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol.

His alleged drug dealer was recently arrested and charged in connection with the rapper’s death following an investigation that proved he gave the rapper a lethal dose of spiked rugs. Cameron James Pettit allegedly supplied Miller with counterfeit oxycodone pills containing fentanyl.