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Young M.A Explains Kodak Black Beef, Praised Lil Nas X For Coming Out As Gay

Young M.A is currently promoting her debut studio album, Herstory, slated to premiere on September 26. In an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, the New York rapper discussed her controversial feud with Kodak Black.

It all started when Kodak Black publicly declared his romantic interest in the “Herstory” rapper on social media despite her being an openly-gay artiste. According to Young M.A, her name is never in the press tied to anything, and she doesn’t do the social media thing. The rapper explained in the interview that at first, she ignored the statements made by Kodak Black, but it was the reactions and “trolls” online speaking on it that sparked a response from her.

While on her Instagram live, Young M.A simply could not ignore the comments about the story that was making the rounds online anymore. She addressed the issue by saying, “Y’all keep talking bout this Kodak situation bro. Y’all n—s is weird bro,” she continued to say “Obviously the n***a is weird bro. Obviously he’s on some sh*t bro. Come one, y’all n***s weird.”

Kodak later asked how Young M.A is a girl but doesn’t want to be penetrated down there. The rapper simply responded with a video on Instagram saying, “Y.all n***as funny,” she laughed and continued. “Y’all n***as is funny, blood. I swear to God, these n***as is funny out here.” She then implied that Kodak was just mad because she was getting more baddies than him.

During the interview with iHeart’s Hollywood Unlocked, Jason Lee also touched on the subject of Lil Nas X also being an openly-gay rapper. Young M.A expressed her views on the situation, “Honestly, to me, I ain’t really know if he came out because the way he went about it… like, ‘Is he gay? I wasn’t clear. But, in a way, I think maybe he did it in a smart way where it left you clueless… But to me, I think he is.” The rapper also mentioned in the interview that she doesn’t wish to be labeled as a lesbian anymore.

Check out the interview that’s making headlines below.