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Masicka Is All About The “Image” In New Dancehall Track

Masicka comes through with some new music.

Genasyde is out and about and sporting the right image for the ladies. The official lyric video for his new song “Image” was just released on the artiste’s Youtube page. The song published by Genahsyde Records and Mozeeko Records boasts some hard-hitting lyrics which Masicaka is definitely known for, but also has a nice melodic chorus, which the beat gracefully supports.

The message in the song is quite simple, once you have the correct image there is a good chance that you will have the ladies coming your way.

Masicka sings, ” Image/ Style have me f**king every gyal inna the village / coil affi up you know me all bout the business / gyal dem a bawl fi star baller no skimage / man a f**k then gyal ya from me cyaa buy a Guinness and she will tell you say it’s all about me Image.”

The video has amassed quite a decent number of views upon the writing of this article, which was done approximately 30 minutes after its release.

The view count is currently at 10,315 views and is rapidly increasing with each passing second.

“Yeahman gwaan put out good quality music and stop pree worldboss. #Gaza levels way up,” wrote one person. It seems the individual was alluding to the recent outburst from Corey Todd, Masicka’s manager. According to Todd, Masicka will be the new king of the dancehall, stating “But guess what I told all of Jamaica a new king would rise so please free him and get your popcorn ready cause I hope him ready and we not wait for 2020.”

The fans seem to love the new “Image” from Masicka. What are your thoughts on Masicaka’s new track?