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Quada Shows Strength And Versatility In New Song “Tint”

Unruly Camp member Quada keeps winning with his new track, “Tint.” The cut is a whole vibe. The song is bad from start to finish. The artiste deejays and sings with such a silkly smooth flow. He delivers crazy lyrics and sets the stage for a track that is sure to receive massively positive feedback from his fans.

The track currently has a staggering 23 thousand views on YouTube since being released two hours ago. It was produced via Dunwell Productions and Unruly Ent. The video was directed by WIKID MEDIA.

Quada kicks off the video with a real-life quote, “Every coin has two sides. Just like most people have two faces. Trust no one.” The video is immaculate, and the concept is so grimy and real. In the visuals for the song, characters can be seen wearing masks with question signs on it, which goes hand in hand with the plot and message of the song.

The artiste deejays, “Me nah see dem, Me nuh waan see dem / Get fi find out say dem love pretend / That’s why mi drive with mi car tint up, no mi nuh trust dem / Nuh waan nuh par mi nuh waan link up / Fake friend mi say f**k dem / How yuh suh lie yuh suh lie yuh suh lieeee p***y dem waan see mi dead”

The artiste also gives credit to Popcaan for giving him the platform to shine, deejaying, “If Popcaan never sign mi nuff a dem gyal ya mi a f**k wouldn’t want mi”

Fans are absolutely in love with the track, murdering the repeat button on YouTube. This song will be a classic for years to come and is one of Quada’s best songs thus far. He closes the video with a quote.

“Sometimes you have to play fool fi ketch wise round people. Cah dem full a style. F**k up type a species so them people yah stay. That’s why mi wild…” – Quadawellbad

Check out Quada’s lyrical perfection “Tint” below.