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Vybz Kartel Caters To The Ladies In New Smash “Pretty From Morning”

Vybz Kartel Music

Vybz Kartel released a new smashed hit that caters to the ladies.

Legendary Production powerhouse, Good Good Productions, saw the release of their riddim, “Flammable” earlier today. The riddim boasts a lot of dancehall heavyweights such as Squash with “Pitch Black,” Chronic Law with “Natural Disaster” and Mavado with “Flammable.” The biggest name on the riddim, however, is the Worl’Boss himself, Vybz Kartel with “Pretty From Morning.”

The teacha makes the most significant impact of all the artistes, as his song is a cut above the rest. The artistes as mentioned above all sing about war and money but Vybz Kartel stands out with his gyal tune.

He truly loves the ladies, as this track is crafted especially for them. Kartel deejays “Yu too cute and everything you do a dutty gyal a follow you / yu body healthy so nuttin nuh affi do you / them claim seh them mother can’t buy a cup of soup / walk barefoot she can’t step inna yuh shoes / baby you pretty from morning / she pretty Friday you pretty from Sunday / pretty hairstyle pretty iPhone pretty password.”

The track currently has over 63 thousand views and climbing in the 2 hours since its release. Although Squash’s “Pitch Black” has the most views for any of the songs released from the riddim with 69 thousand views, Kartel remains in a class of his own. This is because the artiste is currently incarcerated for murder, and has been for the past seven years, regardless he continues to release hit after hit. He also released “Drone Dem” late last night and the track has amassed over 206 thousand views and is currently #5 on Trending on YouTube.

This goes to show that Vybz Kartel is truly a Dancehall God. Many can argue that no other artiste would be able to maintain such a strong foothold and force in the dancehall industry while in prison. The views from “Pretty From Morning” and “Drone Dem” can attest to that fact. He achieves all that he does without any beef with other artistes and without being in the public eye.

Check out this hot new single, “Pretty From Morning” below.