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Chronic Law Left “Mass Murder” In New Alkaline Diss Track

Chronic Law releases a monumental diss track titled “Mass Murder.”

Even before hitting the play button, you immediately know that this track is geared towards the Vendetta leader, Alkaline. The cover art is a brilliant adaptation of the one used for the 1984 slasher film, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. Instead of showing Jason’s mask, we see a broken Vendetta mask with a dagger going straight through the left eye.

It seems the 6IX camp was all about strategy this Friday the 13th, as this track follows on the heals of Squashes, “One Shot” which is aimed directly at Alkaline. The Law Boss went ham in “Mass Murder”, throwing punches left, right and center with clever wordplays and similes from the very moment the track starts.

One commenter was in such disbelief about just how creative the song is “Nahhhhh this here is jus punch after punch line metaphors incline .law boss lyrical uf . different flow n sound.”

The ShabDon produced track is packed with lyrics, so much so that many Vloggers are stating, “too much lyrics in this song for the vlogger dem to review.”

There are quite a few lines that seem to resonate with fans, in particular, “Use them blood paint every wall like L.A. Lewis” / “Kill him a the mango tree / Him couldn’t mek it to the ackee walk.”

Squash new song “Funeral Program” was seen as a flop and deemed the end of the lyrical war for the 6IX camp. This seems very far from the truth, with the 6ix Boss most recent release and this juggernaut from Chronic Law, the 6IXX’s lyrical machine.

It seems the 6IXX camp is now moving in high gear, leaving one question in mind. How long will the Vendetta camp take to answer this one?