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Macka Diamond’s Cucumber Antics Earns Her Some Backlash From Dancehall Fans

A video of Macka Diamond sucking on a cucumber and gyrating on a roadway to her new single titled “Cucumber,” has been met with amusement, vexation as well as adoration from some Instagram followers.

Macka who has been using social media to promote her the single, even clashed with a few of them who ridiculed her, thinking she was actually older than her 46 years and demanded that she stop her raunchy behavior in public as she is not young.

“Health is wealth ladies grab your cucumber today and fuljoy good for #highbloodpressure. New tune out now #Cucumber on the #giftedandchosenriddim produced by Love Star Music. Av on all digital platforms…,” the artiste had captioned the video.

Macka’s first attacker was davidraymondn1. “It’s better u go church like Lady Saw. It would pay u better,” he posted.

Macka spared no punches, responding: “@davidraymondn1 f*ck off. u not me parent. I do what I want. The artist weh send u over ya heart dutty a dem and u fi go church go repent unu too badmind back up off a me page. I see u u dying Macka hit again u crying.”

“UNU WATCH YAH…WAT A DISGRACE,” 1gang-bang.4thgenna posted in apparent horror at the artiste’s video.

But Macka got some ‘backative’ from Serena Richards.

“The lady have lots of life in her and she very colourfull with herself and how she feel… and she own the right to do whatever she feel how, where, why and when… U ant paying her bills and taking care of her problems… So stick to be civil. And if u no ave ntn good fi sah shut up yo stunking mouth. Cause some a uno only a look big funeral… so the only thing some of u good at a judge.. hahhahaha!! And if uno mother fi tell the truth how she breed and get some of u guys. Thats a diffrent story,” she blasted the critics.

“Macka me naa lie u look good comparing to some young gal,” cavenestone said.

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Elsewhere on YouTube, where much discussion has been taking place about Cucumber, a lot of the comments have been centered on Macka’s physique. Many women claimed her critics were making negative comments out of jealousy.

“Macka look good. Her skin clean. I see her in person in her hotel room a Florida…what her age have to do with the ooman… because she in her 50s life done? What she’ ss doing to get slap weh dum statement. She’s a artist, and first of all age have nothing to do with going to church so is only older ppl to go serve God… Here in the USA ppl nuh believe in old. My patient is 95 and dress up every day. Life goes on do your thing… Tina Turner in her late 70s and still go pon stage sexy,” Christine Jarrett said.

“The lady look f in good!!!!! DUTTY bad mind people need to leave her alone and mek the woman live her life. One life to live, live it. Bless,” nad_bless argued.

“That’s how it is when a female of age, has money. She will put it to good use. Especially on her most prised asset, her body. Do your thing muma, some young gyal old before them young,” d_pill5 said.

Others claimed the song’s popularity would cause an upsurge in demand triggering a price hike by farmers.

“Wooiiiuiiiii my god what next even though I do love cucumber prices are definitely going to rise not too sure she’s actually singing about cucumber but we just go along with it,” Gaza Jade said.