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Tekashi69 To Implicate Himself And Gang Members, Testimony Transcript Reveals

Tekashi 6ix9ine file

Tekashi 6ix9ine testimony transcripts reveals the depth of his cooperation with the feds.

Details regarding the testimony of “FEFE” rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine in the trial where he is set to testify against his former gang members has just been released, and it is quite interesting. The highly anticipated trial was previously slated to begin on September 9th, but it was rescheduled for Monday, September 16th. The prosecutors in the case plan to use testimony from the rapper to convict the Nine Trey Blood gang members and they have just made specific details of the testimony known.

The U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan delivered a letter to Judge Engelmayer which contained the details formulated by the prosecution informing him of the tactics they plan to use in the case. The fate of the case heavily relies on key testimony from the rapper. Tekashi secured a plea deal in January and agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors and testify against his Nine Trey Bloods gang members in order to be given a shorter sentence. Without this plea deal, the rapper faced up to 47 years in prison.

According to prosecutors, Tekashi is expected to give testimony revealing the names of the gang members involved in various alleged crimes. This testimony will also include details concerning the alleged robbery and kidnapping of Tekashi that occurred back in July 2018.

One crucial detail in the case is Teskashi’s identification of Nine Trey Blood members and their corresponding aliases which has been used to carry out illegal activities. He will identify them via social media posts, incriminating texts, D.M.s, and other communications. This is vital evidence for prosecutors as they have to prove the different communications were carried out by the defendants in order to convict them of the crimes.

According to the prosecution’s letter, Tekashi will incriminate himself and other Nine Trey Blood members of plotting to injure a fellow rapper by the name of Casanova. This was as a result of the rapper’s song lyrics which the gang members believed were condemnatory and disapproving of Tekashi. The letter goes on state that Tekashi will confirm that SEQO who is also a member of the gang, planned an assault on Tekashi by sending out a message informing rival bloods to kill the rapper if they should come into contact with him.

The most intriguing section of the letter is where it states that Tekashi used to fund the illegal activities of the gang. His responsibility was to earn cash for the gang organization and then dispense it amongst the members of the gang. allegations are that gang members were pretty upset when Tekashi decided to step down from the cash cow position, and that was the reason for his alleged robbery/kidnapping.

Recently “Power” creator 50 Cent, who thought of Tekashi as his son, said he has written the rapper off. Many persons have turned against the rapper for being a snitch. It is almost a guarantee that he will be given a new identity through the Witness Protection program upon his release from prison as is the norm with federal informants. However, given his popularity and fame, it would be quite easy to recognize him.