Popcaan & Konshen Pledge Support For Bahamas Hurricane Recovery Efforts

Popcaan dancehall music

Dancehall artistes Popcaan and Konshens pledge huge support for Bahamas hurricane recovery efforts.

The after-effects of Dorian are truly gut-wrenching, to say the least. The Bahamas is in a deeply desolate state, and many are wondering if it is even possible to reignite the drive of the people to pick up the pieces and rebuild this beautiful Caribbean island. Much like the events following the 4.3 magnitude earthquake that rocked Haiti in 2010, the humanitarian efforts are pouring in from all over. The Jamaican musical fraternity is also chiming in, with the likes of Konshens and Popcaan lending their platforms and voices to this noble cause.

Popcaan made a post on his Instagram of a direct message he received from a survivor in the Bahamas. The survivor begged, “If you can. Can you please use your platform to bring awareness to what we are going through in the Bahamas.” The unnamed individual further lamented that his family is battling 20Ft of water on a separate island.

The “We Pray” deejay sent his prayers and asked for protection from God for the people of Bahamas during this time.

Knowing that the people of the people need more than just prayers, Konshens took up the mantle to assist in the raising of funds through a GoFundMe account.

The Subkonshus deejay posted a video on his Instagram account showing some of the devastating images on the island. One of the most jaw-dropping clip is an aerial shot showing what Dorian did to the island. Konshens pleads to the masses, “If u can. Big or small, hit the LINK IN MY BIO as we at least start to try to help the people of the Bahamas in whatever way we can.”

He went on to further list the persons who set up the GoFundME account to ensure that the credibility is maintained. However, Konshens doesn’t stop there, as he is working to get money and source supplies to the benefit of the Bahamian people.

He ends the caption of his post asking us to embrace unity by supporting, “other individuals and companies that are planning to give aid.”

Konshens has come under heavy public backlash in recent weeks for his dress code. However, this act shows that he has a heart of gold and a deep humanitarian spirit.

As a Caribbean people, our actions are bigger than we may think. The Jamaican government has also mobilized the Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART). However, everyone can do their part and support our brothers and sisters in any way possible.