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D’Angel Gets Huge Support From Dancehall Fans Amidst Backlash

D’Angel was trolled by a follower last night after she made a post about her acting prowess on Instagram, but fortunately for her, a host of her doting archangels ran to her rescue.

The 41-year-old had posted a photo of herself striking a pose in an orange top and a yellow skirt, which she captioned: “Triple Threat! Singer, Model, Actress #topmodel #alwaysclassynevertrashy.” No sooner had she made the post than one follower, Latoya, wrote: “Really? What movie have you acted in?”

“Go do your research knowledge is key” was D’Angel’s seemingly dismissive response to Reid, which was met with chagrin by the follower who retorted: “@dangelmusic, research? Lol. U got jokes! It’s not that serious, it’s just that I’ve never heard of a single movie you’ve acted in. You’re funny, though. You should add ‘comedian’ to that list.”

D’Angel had played a supporting role as the vixen Robin, in the hardcore film Jamaican Mafia, which was shot in New York City a few years ago. The cast was led by renowned Jamaican actor Paul Campbell who is more popularly known for his villain roles in Dancehall Queen and Third World Cop.

The violence-laden movie followed the experience of Zoolian Anderson (Zoo-Zoo), a frustrated car salesman, who left his job in the corporate world to join the illicit Jamaican Mafia organization, after discovering he was the nephew of a powerful crime-boss, that role, played by Campbell.

A few other followers also took issue with the response by the artiste, whose real name is Michelle Downer.

“@dangelmusic is that the best answer to a question from a fan? And you wonder why the respect hasn’t arrived on your avenue as yet… smh,” a fan, broken_rebuilt2, wrote. However, he was promptly counteracted by another fan who replied: “broken_rebuilt2, well when the ‘fan’ gonna ask the question in a condescending tone then, yes.”

Several other fans of D’Angel joined in to dismiss her critics who were posting undesirable comments on her page, adding that she had other casting credits on the iconic Royal Palm Estate TV show, and Ity and Fancy Cat Show, a local comedy.

“Royal Palm, Jamaican mafia n fancy cat etc. Uno leave d woman alone man.D’Angel, block some a dem hater ya off u page. They r not a fan that’s y dem no know say u a actress,” one fan declared.