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Bryson Tiller Having A Baby Girl With GF Kendra Bailey, Fans Give Up On New Music

Bryson Tiller having a baby should be good news, but not so much to his loyal fanbase.

Bryson Tiller‘s girlfriend, model and influencer Kendra Bailey, announced on Instagram Tuesday that the couple was expecting a new addition to the family – a baby girl. “Been sitting here trying to come up with one of those long deep captions but honestly I’m so bad at that,” Kendra wrote in a caption under a photo of the two, Bryson perched behind her holding her belly. “All I know is we are super excited for our little girl to get here.”

While the announcement was met with some appropriate congratulations, fans took to social media to troll the idea that now that Bryson is welcoming his second child into the world, there is a slim chance that he’s working on new music. The R&B star came on the scene with a highly regarded debut album Trap Soul that was riddled with themes of toxic masculinity, infidelity, and Bryson trying to win back relationships that he’d lost. Ever since the singer went public with his new, happy relationship, the running joke on the internet is that he will never make another project of that caliber.

“Bryson Tiller having another baby….we ain’t never seeing that n***a again,” a fan wrote on Twitter. “Bryson Tiller having a baby. We not getting an Album,” wrote another. The mixed reactions caused the “Self Made” trap singer to trend on Twitter Tuesday afternoon.

Nonetheless, some folks were actually happy for the couple including Love and Hip Hop star Cyn Santana and singer SZA who both sent their congratulations on Kendra’s post. Bryson himself ignored the outside noise and commented, “cant wait for my lil cocoa bean.”

The 26-year-old also posted a message to his Instagram story thanking fans and friends for their congratulations saying fatherhood is “so important” to him.

Tiller did give his fans a tidbit of new music, dropping a short single “Blame” in July. No official word yet on when his next album Serenity will be released.

Bryson and Kendra have been dating since 2018.