Usain Bolt Mines Dancehall Gold With “Olympe Rosé” Riddim Video Medley

The video medley for Usain Bolt’s “Olympe Rosé” was released on Wednesday on his Vevo page in collaboration with Billboard. The cut is already being touted as one of the best videos of the year.

The “Olympe Rosé” riddim features songs from five artistes. Dexta Daps‘ “Big Moves,” Munga Honorable’s “Weekend,” Ricardo “Bibi” Gardner’s “Mount A Gyal,” Christopher Martin‘s “Dweet” and Ding Dong’s “Top A Di Top.” Ding Dong has also created an accompanying Top A Di Top dance. The video is fire, and it is well put together. The transition from artiste to artiste is seamless and smooth. The whole flow is just liquid and full of vibes. You have to get on your feet when watching this video as it makes you want to move and party.

The video produced by Rajah Karanja Nelson and distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital is quickly gaining views. The video was released to promote his Olympe Rosé champagne which can be seen right throughout the video. Many fans are also commending his brilliant idea to showcase his other branded products throughout the video, such as his Jeep and scooters.

In November 2016, French company G.H. Mumm made the decision to appoint Usain in the role of chief entertainment officer responsible for spearheading initiatives. The initial product from that appointment is Bolt’s Olympe Rosé champagne, its name an ode to Bolt’s athletic excellence, and it tastes a recognition of his eclectic palate.

“When me and my friends (collectively known as the A-Team) go out, we used to drink champagne and cognac and called it money mix,” Bolt told Billboard in an interview at his Kingston, Jamaica home in late July. “Because Mumm also makes Martell cognac, I asked if we could put cognac in the champagne and they said we can ferment the champagne in the cognac barrels, so it soaks up the residue. So Olympe Rosé is the first champagne with cognac in it and that’s very cool,” he said.

In the interview with Billboard he stated, “My manager (Nugent Walker) and I always said we needed to do a song or a riddim and with the champagne coming on the market, this was the perfect opportunity.”

Bolt noted that he did have some issues getting the project launched as artistes would either state that they have prior engagements or wouldn’t commit to the recording schedule, studio location or the project’s theme, which is to promote the champagne. He stated, “I know almost all of the artists in Jamaica, so I didn’t expect they would give me the runaround when I called. They probably don’t understand the opportunity of this platform because we can send this riddim/video to people around the world who will post it just because they respect us. But the artists who got involved really came through for us, took their time and got it right.”

Kelly Dudley, president, Hapilos Entertainment Group, said, “We’ve delivered the Olympe Rosé riddim to over 80,000 radio stations, DJs, programmers and curators worldwide and have released the project to over 600 digital retailers and various revenue stream destinations.”

Munga Honorable also made a statement to Billboard in regards to the riddim saying that Bolt, who is already a global superstar on the track, is now bringing his massive fan base to dancehall music.

Ding Dong, one of Jamaica’s most successful dancers who crossed over to artiste, echoed some similar sentiments. “Bolt’s dancing at the 2008 Olympics did so much for Jamaican dancers, and for me personally, because no one ever saw an athlete do something like that before; that made people want to come here, go to parties and learn our dances,” Ding Dong said. “With the Olympe Rosé project, he’s reached another milestone in taking the culture to a wider audience, and I’m blessed to have a song on the riddim and a new movement to go with it.”

The Olympe Rosé video was shot entirely in Kingston and is pure excellence from start to finish. Dexta Daps is being crowned for having to the best verse on the track as he easily slays it with his smooth sex appeal we’ve come to expect and love. However, some believe that the crown could also be given to Christopher Martin, who firmly holds his own and comes across as a seasoned dancehall artiste.

Check out the video medley below.