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Kanye West Hosts A Lit Sunday Service For Victims In Dayton Mass Shooting

Kanye West took Sunday Service on the road to honor the victims of a mass shooting in Dayton, OH.

Kanye West‘s mysterious Sunday Services have become somewhat of a spectacle. However, the music mastermind took the event to Dayton, Ohio, where a gunman opened fire on a nightlife district and killed nine people at the beginning of August.

Kanye visited the grieving community with his wife, Kim Kardashian. Two of their children, Sant and North West, were also spotted dressed in all white, according to TMZ. The service took place at Riverscape Metropark. Footage shows Kanye performing his 2004 single “Jesus Walks” in a large crowd.

Kanye pulled in some more star power as comedians Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock also showed up for the cause. “… we’re still here and we’re still strong,” Chappelle told the crowd on stage. “And the only way, but not the only way, but the best way that we can honor our fallen is by getting up better than we were before.” Dave Chappelle hosted his own benefit event after the service.

Kimye as a duo has been on a spree of good deeds as of late. It was just last month that the couple reached out to President Donald Trump and the White House to help get rapper A$AP Rocky out of a Swedish prison. Kim Kardashian has also sworn to make it her duty to help inmates who got unfair sentences out of prison. Kim is also studying to become a lawyer.

Watch footage of the services obtained by TMZ below.