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Demarco ‘The Dancehall Rick Ross’ Details Massive 80 Pounds Weight Loss

Demarco weight loss

Demarco, aka the Rick Ross of dancehall, lost a ton of weight and now he is detailing his fitness regime.

Multi-talented dancehall artist Demarco recently returned to Jamaica from the United States looking a lot slimmer than before. The deejay/producer sat down with Anthony Miller of Entertainment Report where he detailed his massive weight loss. The artiste, who boasts hits such as “True Friends” and “Fallen Soldier,” spoke about his skills, which include producing.

Demarco mentions that he is the creator of the riddim “Jambe An,” which features the Diamond selling hit song “Party Animal” by Charly Blacks. He shared his new-found knowledge of the music industry, stating that music goes beyond just merely making music and performing on stage. There is the production aspect, as well as what comes after, such as song royalties and publishing. 

Demarco, who firmly believes that he cannot fail in the music industry, set himself on a pedestal securing his future by establishing a publishing company and a record label. He can also add songwriter to his repertoire as he has co-written a new dancehall song for Rihanna who has recently been dubbed the richest musician in the world. Maro also currently has a new song with Yanique Curvy Diva. 

So it is without a doubt that Demarco is truly a remarkable dancehall artist. But his greatest accomplishment yet has nothing to do with music but is in fact about his incredible weight loss. The artist highlighted that “slim is in,” and he has lost about 80 lbs to date. He is currently a vegetarian and makes time in his busy schedule to visit the gym 2 to 3 times per week. The artist stated that good health is essential. He also strives to maintain an appealing appearance for his female fans. 

The artist who has been diagnosed with diabetes is making the right choices to be a better person and live a better life. His mind-blowing transformation renders many speechless, leaving them in awe. The artist who prides himself as a genuine singer says that even when his music does not circulate in Jamaica, it will still receive international success and recognition. He also shares the same sentiments with popular dancehall legend Sean Paul saying that speaking proper English is important in crossing over. The chorus of your song has to be easily understood for your song to make it in the International market. The artist closed by saying he currently weighs about 230 lbs, and his ultimate goal is to be 200 lbs, but he has no time limitations on achieving it. 

Be on the lookout for his upcoming collaboration with Chronic Law and to see where his incredible weight loss journey will take him.