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Snoop Dogg Explains Why He Likened Nipsey Hussle To Jesus

Nipsey Hussle and Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg explains in more details why he likened Nipsey Hussle to Jesus.

Snoop Dogg recently did an interview with the Breakfast Club where he discussed the late Nipsey Hussle. He touched on the topic of him comparing the late Nipsey to Jesus. “Look at the impact that he had like the same impact that Jesus had,” Snoop said. “A lot of people didn’t know him, but they sure wanted to know about him once he passed away. And then once they found out about him, they understood what his legacy was about. Now his legacy is living even bigger with him not being here,” Snoop said.

He went on to expand on the juxtapose of Nip and the Messiah. “I ain’t never seen Jesus but I been hearing about him. We got a lot of faith in him, and we know that if you believe in him, this is gonna happen because your grandparents and the books of the Bible been giving you all this information,” Snoop explained. “That’s what he is now. When we gone, that’s what he’s gonna be like because you can’t touch him, you can’t see him, you only have images of him, and his image looks like Jesus, just the black version,” he concluded.

A short clip of the interview was posted to Instagram, and some users were livid about Snoop’s comments. Mark.zuniga wrote, “That’s a sin too say that ,, Jesus died for are sins and got crucified, nipsey got shot. U dont ever play with faith, I was locked up in jail and that’s the only thing I had to survive was to pray every day, god bless nipsey, but no man is greater than the holy sprit.”

Of course some people are less religious but in a completely unforeseeable opposite side of the spectrum, swishlife__ commented, “Nipsey actually lived on this earth, Jesus is a made up allegory representation of the SUN, fairy tale, ain’t no talking snake tell eve tell eat fruit, that sound like some Harry Potter sh*t,”

Regardless of opposing views, the essence of what Snoop Dogg said is widely understood, and many even concur. Tupac once said that he might not change the world, but he will spark the brain that will change the world, and Nipsey Hussle continued the legacy with his Marathon. The question is, who will the baton be passed to next?