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Chronic Law Makes It Look “Too Easy” In New Song

Popular Dancehall artiste, Chronic Law just released his new track “Too Easy” and this one is for the turntables. The three minutes and ten seconds track is, of course, replete with witty lyrics as usual and an infectious beat.

Chronic Law has been releasing a lot of hard-hitting gun songs lately. However, “Too Easy” produced by Shabdon Records is a refreshing change. The Lawboss nonchalantly tells a tale of his lifestyle and how easy it is to get women. According to Chronic Law, he has no intention of settling down any time soon.

“It easy, it easy / Three gal deh ya fi Breezy believe me / Gal a fight fi di sweet stick / Friend a cuss friend a seh she too greedy / And yo it easy, too easy / Yu nuh own p—y so nuh carry p—y feelings / Love nuh have no meaning / Live life, get money, pree big”

Chronic Law has been a crowd favorite for a while, but now that he is adding more laid back bangers like these to his catalog with lyrics that both genders can enjoy, he might become a party favorite as well. Check out the catchy “Too Easy” by Chronic Law below.