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Intence Gives His “Testimony” In Dark Visual

Intence is one of the new kids on the block making waves in dancehall.

Intence is making a run for the breakthrough as his follow up to his hit Go Hard is here and banging. In recent months the Jetlife deejay has risen to prominence with his unique style and voice. Those same elements once again are what makes Testimony a banger for me. Pretty much like his first track, this is one for the street, for the hardcore fan, the type of track that attracts what we in Jamaica call a “Money Pull Up.”

“Dis a fimi Testimony/ Affi load up mi ring dat a bloody money/ All mi so called friend wah claim seh dem love mi/ Get caught pon voicenote sticky story,” he deejays.

He delves into a reality to which many Jamaicans can testify, one that is embedded in the streets and minds of our people. The mindset that dictates money before all else fused with the firepower of violence in case of betrayal.

“From yuh dis a John crow/ Pull up a yuh foot a head a splash like mango,” the deejay spits.

The Jetlife deejay released this track with a music video which perfectly depicts the story being told. From isolated scenes with ceremonial candlelight to Grimy looking scenes with his peers, Intence brings across his message with the visual presentation maybe even more so than the song itself. Also overall it must be said that this artiste’s image has been on point since his first day on the scene,

Intence is an exciting new artiste, to say the least, and he is showing consistency in his releases. He has arguably the hottest song out right now and ‘isn’t satisfied. Testimony is guaranteed to ring in your ears for the next couple of months.