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Alkaline Sends Message To Fake Friends In “With The Thing” Visual

Alkaline sends a clear message to all fake friends in gritty new video “With The Thing.”

Alkaline has been giving us consistent content recently – from new music to new music videos. Today the Vendetta boss delivered new visuals for one of his latest songs: “With the Thing.” The video which premiered on Alkaline’s Vevo mere hours ago has already garnered almost 100,000 views.

Many fans have been doubting Alkaline this year because he seems to be operating with a new strategy that made him not release as much new music as we’re used to. However, the comeback was inevitable. Alkaline is as usual very strategic with his career and music moves. I’m sure his recent back to back releases are all a part of the game plan.

The concept of the video touches on some serious issues we face in society today. In the song, Alkaline speaks about being betrayed by people who claim to be in support of him or his movement. He portrays the message with a storyline that involves a young girl being kidnapped and him executing the kidnapper before rescuing the child.

Watch the video below.