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‘Bling Bling’ Birdman Gets Diamonds Encrusted On His Teeth

Birdman removed his grills, but his teeth are still blinging.

The Rich Gang leader gets diamonds encrusted on his pearly white teeth, leaving fans baffled. Birdman is known for his larger than life personality as much as he is known for the brain behind Cash Money’s success. The rap veteran often brags about his wealth and being the first to do something extravagant. So perhaps he is now starting a new trend where you will soon start seeing every rapper on the planet getting diamond-encrusted teeth.

We already saw Lil Uzi Vert doing something similar this week, but we don’t know which of them did it first. Unfortunately for either of them, this is not something you can trademark, so it’s almost certain that other rapper will follow the trend shortly.

Check out Birdman diamond-encrusted teeth below. Do you think this will be the new craze in hip hop, or is it a bad idea?

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While Birdman is shelling out big bucks on his mouth, his legal fees are stacking up. He was recently dropped by his attorney in his $12 million lawsuit involving his Miami mansion. There are also reports that his lawsuit from Aspire Music Group over Drake’s royalties was recently dismissed.