Dexta Daps Drops Cinematic Video For His Raunchy Single “Naked”

Dexta Daps

Dexta Daps is back with another banger for his sizeable female fanbase.

The dancehall singjay, unlike most dancehall artistes, doesn’t release music frequently, so when he does it usually causes a stir. I am sure the title of this track already has girls clicking the link like crazy. This one is an R&B/dancehall fusion type beat, so you already know what is, hardcore lyrics coupled with velvety vocals. Released with compelling visuals, Dexta Daps fully engages the ladies with sight and sound. The video itself rivals the song in quality which speaks volumes as this song is straight fire.

“Cause him don’t want it suh bring it come gimmie,” he sings. Dexta starts this as usual with a compelling sound; honestly, I was sold on the song way before the chorus began, yes it’s that good. Needless to say, when it gets to the chorus, the ladies are bound to go crazy.

This one is produced by Daseca Productions a regular occurrence with Dexta Daps as many of his hits were collaborations with this producer. It seems they have found a formula together one which would serve them well to stick to.

Dexta as prior mentioned hasn’t been releasing a lot of music this year but has been potent with releases like “Squeeze,” “No Underwear,” and “Flightmode.” Dexta Daps doesn’t seem to miss the target with his songs, and it’s safe to say he has another hit on his hands. Another song to drive the ladies wild, just another day in the life of the “Morning Love” singer.

As seen among the song’s comments on YouTube so far “When I see Dexta Daps I Click,” check the singer’s latest single “Naked.”