Chronic Law & Jahvillani Gets Called Out For Attire and Lackluster Fully Loaded Performance

Dancehall fans were not impressed with Chronic Law and Jahvillani performance at last weekend’s Fully Loaded.

Chronic Law and, to a lesser extent Jahvillani, have come under fire from dancehall fans who have blasted them for what they say is their sloppy attire and second-grade performances, at Fully Loaded Sound System event at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove, St. Ann last weekend. Fans made themselves very clear in their responses to several Instagram videos of the performances of the artistes, which was posted on several Instagram page including Reggae Radio Irie FM.

“Tell him pull up him r@ssclaat pants. Unu fi stop give them youth yah notoriety, a confuse the youths dem. All unu media, fire fi unu too part of the mass desecration of the Jamaican culture, and our society as it was once known,” Juniorconglomerates wrote in expressing his distaste at Jahvillani’s outfit.

But the Ocho Rios-based artiste did not fare as badly as Chronic Law, who is a member of the 6IX crew. Law received a verbal whipping for what they regarded as his sloppy mode of dress which entailed a handkerchief tied around his head, a pair of knee-length pants and a ‘Miami Vice’ shirt which was a bit too tight for his frame, causing his’ belly skin’ to protrude. Fans did not hold back in declaring that this kind of dressing for a show of this magnitude, was unacceptable.

“Image is everything and that’s why y’ all performances are being affected so much. Stop go on stage as if y’ all in your backyard. You as an artiste are being paid to perform, patrons paid to support. Please come out and look presentable,” MJ Official said in expressing his displeasure.

“They don’t sound the same on stage. They can’t perform and they look like gang members and not the artiste. I am yet to see a good performance from any member of the 6IX,” warrechag42 stated.

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Over on OnStage TV’s YouTube channel, where excerpts of the show were also posted, dancehall fanatics were even more scathing in their remarks. “I thought I was the only one who saw this, no stage presence, poor delivery, shouting instead of singing, flat or off-key seems to be the new standard. Lackluster at best. No wonder artiste from other countries are doing our craft better than us,” Deshawn McDove said.

Some also recommended that some of the new generation of artiste, including Chronic Law, be tutored in stagecraft.

“That fat guy at the beginning totally lacks stage presence. How you gonna come on stage with your clothes 3 sizes too small? Proper attire is the basics. Then he didn’t even know how to work the crowd…. These guys are recording artistes, not stage performers…” FirmBodyVal said.

“This is the ‘mad performance’ you were going to do at Sumfest M8? Law packed up before LMAO,” a sarcastic Taylor quipped.

But Susanna Elliot proposed a different remedy that is notorious in dancehall which has been used to get boring artistes to either scurry off stage or step up their game. “Then new artiste yah waa get introduced to bottle off stage and see if dem performance nuh improve,” she said.

Some women commenters, though, showed a little sympathy for Chronic Law. “Chronic Law need a stylist. Him too talented fi look suh. Everything haffi line up,’ Tamara said, while Yvonne James proffered: “Somebody please carry Chronic Law to a store n show him good clothes – the good thing dem.”