Dancehall Star Vershon Denied Entry Into Bermuda For His Show

Vershon music

Vershon was denied entry into Bermuda for a show last weekend.

All hope for Vershon‘s performance in Bermuda was lost as soon as the artiste landed on the island. Before even exiting the airport, Vershon was advised that his show had been canceled and was denied entry into the country. The dancehall deejay who was scheduled to perform at the BDA Music Festival in Bermuda on Saturday, August 3, arrived on the island on Friday afternoon at around 1 pm. Immigration officials denied him entry when they surmised that the entertainer did not have the required documentation to enter.

The requisite documentation would include a work permit to grant Vershon permission to perform in the country. However, the reggae-dancehall artiste was told he was null and void following the show’s cancellation. Even though Vershon had the right to enter as a visitor for leisure, this request was also denied. Vershon’s publicist, Shuzzr, made a statement in the artiste’s defense, arguing that his tourist visa should have been enough to enter the country.

“While we understand that Vershon needs a work permit to work on the island, and its the Government right and decision to cancel the event/permits. The artiste still had the legally required documentation to visit the island as a tourist which was ignored,” the publicist said. “It’s unfortunate, that those who seek to bring positive publicity, and aid in the economic development of Bermuda tourism sector is refused entry even with the proper documentation. The artiste who is a brand ambassador for reggae-dancehall music is owed an apology for the way it was handled.”

Vershon shouldn’t allow this to dampen his mood for his future shows. The Reggae-dancehall artiste is set to perform in Canada, several states in the USA and Costa Rica in the newest future. His publicity recently told the Star, “We are optimistic about the remainder of 2019. With the release of several singles; music videos, which have been garnering huge airplay; and upcoming materials in the works, fans, and critics can get ready to be a part of the renewed energy.”

We expect that Vershon will keep pushing on towards his bigger plans for the rest of the year.