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Tyga, YG & Blueface Drops Off “Bop” Video Watch it

Blueface Tyga and YG

Tyga, YG and Blueface drops off the visual for their collaboration, “Bop.”

We are back in club banger season, and it seems Tyga and company got the memo. A High energy trap sounding track Bop definitely fits in with the sound of today. It also features three artistes that are hot in the Hip Hop game right now, if that’s not the formula for a big club banger then I don’t know what is. This song is different in terms of content, though, criticizing a type of female that rap tends to glorify. However these artistes are letting girls know that it isn’t business as usual, it seems neither Tyga, YG or Blueface appears to give the Bop’s (Thots) much credit, and that’s how I know it will take off in the club, the so-called home of the Bops.

Yg gets us started with his distinct voice and style and wastes no time and has your head bopping from the first kick. Surrounded by so-called “Bops” in a jacuzzi his message was well-received, making way for the Rack City rapper.

Tyga dressed as a priest in this video criticizes “Bops” just as YG did, but he also didn’t exclude them from the bedroom, of course not.

“Married to the money since a youngin we eloped.” Clearly, the Bops have got to at least play second fiddle to the Blue Faced Hundreds. That’s brilliant comeback seems not to be limited to the song “Taste” as he has consistently knocked on the door of “Hitland” this year with the likes of Light Skin Lil Wayne and now with this track to follow up.

“BlueFace baby,” said the young rapper announcing his entrance on the track. This breakout star has been busy this year; his unorthodox style has the fans coming back. Tyga obliged the fans by featuring Blue; he didn’t disappoint either, even though his verse is a bit shorter than the rest. Describing a love-hate relationship with the girls known as Bops in a way that only Blue could.

Exciting visuals, a new slang word, and a familiar hip hop concept spun into something new; this song has it all. I highly recommend Tyga YG and Blueface’s song, “BOP.”

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