Rygin King “Come To Toronto” With Trevor Jackson & Nadia Stone – Listen New Dancehall Song

Rygin King drops a new collaboration with Canadian artistes Trevor Jackson and Nadia Stone showing another side of the Montego Bay Native. Come to Toronto definitely took me by surprise, first with its refined overall sound and also because of who Rygin King featured on the track.

Rygin King had toured Canada extensively doing numerous shows and interviews since his rise to stardom over the past few years. It seems he was not only performing but networking and also recording songs with different acts.

He seems to be directly looking to tap into the market that these artistes already occupy. This strategy is one that more of our acts should employ in order to breach the overseas margin.

In this specific song, Rygin talks about a girl who commands his attention but only for days at a time, which meshes with Trevor Jackson’s Hook perfectly.

“You only want me when you come to Toronto,” Jackson sings. This is the type of conceptual potency that is generally missing from dancehall.

His flow is made for the beat as he starts the story with his unique sound, which was nicely complemented with Trevor Jackson’s hook. People generally like chill songs that they can sing along to playing in their cars, this jam definitely fits the bill. Nadia Stone certainly didn’t disappoint and was literally the icing on an already great song.

The combination of dancehall and mainstream sounding pop/hip hop music has proven to be a great musical mix, as can be seen with Sean Paul making tracks with the likes of Sia, Migos, and Alexis Jordan. Rygin King is proving to be no different as I highly recommend this song.