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Tifa Suing Foota Hype For Defamation, Dancehall Diva Reacts To Gay Pride Performance Backlash

Tifa is threatening to sue Foota Hype for his comments about her Gay Pride event performance booking.

Foota recently declared that “Jamaica mash-up” because three artistes were confirmed to perform at a Gay Pride event. He said the one who surprised him the most was Tifa. “Mi a wonder if ina dem head dem a say being gay is the right thing or dem a say dem bruk or dem jus wah tek di show,” he said in response to the reports that the dancehall diva planned to perform at a popular Gay Pride event in Jamaica.

Tifa responded with a video of her own posted to her Instagram today threatening legal action against Foota Hype. The ‘Spell It Out’ deejay argued that Foota’s actions were defamation of her character. In a passionate statement, Tifa admonished the popular selector – who she said was clout chasing – for not using social media responsibly and advised him that he would be hearing from her lawyer.

Tifa suggested that Foota was being vindictive because she hasn’t been interested in him for the past two years that he has been making advances at her. She asked if her romantic disinterest was the source of Foota’s grievances- “Where is this coming from Foota? Is it because you’ve been making advances at me for the past two years… in Jamaican terms, you’ve been looking me or trying to make advances at me, cause you say yu love brown skin woman fi two years, and I’m not paying you any mind? I’m in love with somebody, and you’re not my type.”

Foota Hype did not take long to issue a response in another live on his Instagram where he quickly let fans know that he couldn’t be chasing clout because Tifa is “not hot right now.” He went on to say he was merely going off of what the STAR reported and suggested Tifa would have to sue the publication as well.

Tifa seemed pretty adamant about her intention to sue, but does she have enough for the case? Foota assured fans that he and Tifa are good and that they even spoke recently.

He said that she only responded because she had no choice but to clapback.