Alkaline Says “Nothing Nuh Change” – Listen New Song

Alkaline Eva High

Alkaline delivered his second new single over the past couple of days, “Nothing Nuh Change.”

“A who seh ntn nuh change,” the deejay starts this track with conviction over an alternative fusion beat. His versatility and songwriting ability keeps shining out, his refinement in this area is what seems to set him apart from his peers. He as usual in this song is fighting against the world and like always he comes out on top.

“Mi life it a shot / like mi life is a glock or a mac,” Alkaline deejay. “When mi drop out dem aguh remember mi as a great one.”

He states the hate he receives from other industry comes with the territory as he has risen to the top of the industry. Honestly this song is refreshing as the summer song season is in full swing, this track in this time packs a completely different punch. Not one to ever flood the market the Vendetta deejay approaches this song with maturity and an increase in knowledge of his surroundings (the industry). He strongly critiques there behavior toward his success labeling it as we Jamaicans often do as “badmind.”

The artistes frame if mind is clear he’s at the top, he’s s here to stay, he’s “The Man Himself,” who said nothing changed?

2019 hasn’t been Alka’s best year hit wise but we all know his quality and what he can do. He has a serious song on his hands with “Ntn Nuh Change” and we look forward to seeing its progression. Vendetta Fans queue up, Alka has blood in his eyes again!