Bounty Killer Blasts Jamaican PM Andrew Holness Over Cockpit Mining

Bounty Killer

The Grunggad Bounty Killer has unleashed his full wrath on Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness and his Government.

Poor People Governor, aka Bounty Killer, was caustic in two no-holds-barred posts on Instagram on Wednesday. In the first, a Television Jamaica newscast which he apparently recorded from his television, he condemned the actions of the government about its plans to allow bauxite mining within sections of the Cockpit Country in Trelawny. “ANY GOVERNMENT SELL OUT THE COCKPIT SHALL NEVER WIN AGAIN IN JAMAICA. Who is here for Jamaica let unuh voices be heard. Take a stand. Either u with us or against us. Speak up folks!! I’M NOT A JLP NOR A PNP. I’M A TRUE JAMAICAN,” HE CPTIOND THE VIDEO.

He got some supported from Gramps Morgan and Popcaan. “This can’t work none at all G,” Popcaan said. It seems the Killer had a lot of time on his hands or was truly deeply passionate, as he responded to a barrage of comments which followed the post.

“We not talking what who had sold. We talking about what’s to be sold and we are saying no more. Enuff is enuff. Simple. Are we gonna say that party did sold whatever so it’s cool for this one to sell A or B again. Nope,” he wrote, attaching the thumbs down sign in response to tellbella who argued that there were no protests when the PNP (People’s National Party) “sell out the sugar, electricity, airport and harbours.”

But Bounty shied away when munchywowski told him that he ought to run for Prime Minister and that she would personally vote for him. “Hell no my dear. No politics for the general. That’s the whole objective of politics to divide and rule, fool u ppl and manipulates their minds,” he stated.

Bounty also expressed his disappointment with the Millennial generation and even the general population whom he says have been very passive and are failing to take a stand on issues affecting the nation.

“Their mind are asleep. Sleeping wide awoke laps and lapped; no focus; no urge; no alertness. Sad story but in the next 30 years we will be sorry for our little country bcuz the changing of the guards aren’t there now. Big open land thing,” he charged. “Jamaican people become sleeping police. No soldiers. Weak a*s generation; 70s born are the most resilient generation. Millennium kids got the chip; they are programmed,” he told m.fanger.

On his second post of a Gleaner newspaper photo captioned “Greenpeace in Jamaica to oppose deep-sea fishing,” the artiste appeared to become even angrier.

“Jamaican ppl become the biggest puppets it seem to rass bcuz all of this taking place and it’s not trending but make is was some form of tearing down each other gossip controversy or mix up then the who social media would be running with it We a watch ppl other ppl business and not minding our own when them mining out the whole Jamaica both land and sea to Bloodcl***h CRIMINAL OR GUN MAN DEAD UNUH READY FI BLOCK ROAD AND DEMONSTRATE WEH UNUH DEH NOW NASTY GAL AND BOY.”