Shenseea Reacts To Uwe Baltner’s Car Karaoke Viral Video Of “ShenYeng Anthem”

A video posted by Shenseea of middle-aged German musician and car karaoke Instagrammer, Uwe Baltner singing word-for-word her song “ShenYeng Anthem,” has left the star and her fans, virtually rolling on the floor with laughter.

On Tuesday, Shenseea reposted a video of German internet sensation Uwe Baltner sitting in his car while giving a rendition of the song, with not only a heavy accent, but with the lyrics unchanged, apparently not realizing that he could have ‘masculinized’ the words. On Baltner’s page, he captioned the post “Shen Yeng anthem. By Shenseea #shenyenganthem #shenseea #ricegrainriddim #2018 #jamaica #dancehall #rap @shenseea. Requested by @miyahsx.

“No gyal can’t see mi and cause problem. Dem a man clown so mi walk pon dem; Mi no love chat, but mi a warn dem; tell dem dis a real Shen Yeng Anthem,’ Baltner deejayed ferociously, in the minute-long clip, riding the rhythm, like he owned the song.

“Nah fight no gyal over no man, me no idiot, if me a teck yo man, me a keep dat. Dem haffi see mi inna street and pass and whisper to a friend if a she dat,” he continued.

But it was his reference to Chimney Records’ Jordan Mcclure, that seemed to be the joke of the century for Shenseea and her fans because as Baltner rocked to the rhythm, he continued: “Nah fight no gyal over no man, mi no eediat; if mi a teck Jordan mi keep dat”.

Her fans found he clip hilarious. Within four hours of her reposting the video, the clip racked up close to 160,000 views. “Yoooooo who him? Him forget fi conert the man to gyal starrrr. Him say him a go teck JORDAN @jordanchimney,” Shenseea joked.

Stefflon Don, Ce’Cile and several other artistes joined in on the joke. “And he strikes again,” Stefflon, who seems familiar with Baltner’s online antics wrote.

Baltner was obviously tracking Shenseea’s page and enjoying himself, because he responded with the words “That’s right” to kimcas007, who mentioned that “English might not be his first language” and “yes, but the accent,” to chrissywilson’s comment that “he’s actually pretty good.” Other fans poked fun at the German, while some chose to comment positively on his deejaying skills. One young man, fresh prince of Calgary, even demanded a male version of the song.

“You need to do a version for men. Nuff a we end up sing out this sh#t then catch ourselves and look around if no one is listening,” he wrote. On Balter’s page the video attraced close to 30,000 views in 12 hours. “If this was his album I would buy the song and even sell it, so hilarious, I could dance to it,” nickita_joe said.