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Reggae Up Next – Kali Grn, Black Hero, Runkus, Rosh Rebel, Royal Blu & more

Rosh Rebel

Reggae Up Next showcases some rising talents within the reggae music community currently.

Kali Grn – This artiste relaxes us again and again with his cool style of music. Out of Montego Bay, Kali Grn has been consistently releasing quality songs like Mesmerized, Incense and Scented Candles featuring Rosh Rebel, Sunshine and Rude Bwoy. It doesn’t stop there; he performs very well. Accompanied by his band “The Rebels” he has featured on many shows all across the island, keep an eye out for Kali Grn at a venue near you.

Black Hero – Hailing from Kingston Black Hero is known for his fusion sounds that he mixes with Reggae to form something beautiful. His singing ability sets him apart as well as his versatility. His album Immortal Steppa proves his pedigree, boasting songs like Herb, Sky Dive and We on. It is not often we hear the music of a master from a youngster. The sky is the limit for the Sky Dive singer.

Runkus – Another supreme talent Runkus is one from Protoje’s Indigo Collective. He has it all from lyrics to melodies and last but not least, Style. He is guaranteed to be different from the “Average,” he displays quality. He is most known for songs “Move Your Feet,” “Run,” “Energy,” and Blessed. Another of Reggae’s sons is waiting to be born on the big stage, soon enough, Surely!

Rosh Rebel – A songbird of the highest Ilk Rosh rebel is definitely headed towards being one of the darlings of our industry. Nothing short of amazing, this singer runs through melodies as if they were placed on a track, not to mention her image and poise on stage. Her most noted songs include Give Me Love, Sunshine, Incense and Scented Candles, What would You Say and Real Love. I cant wait to see this rising star’s growth in the coming year. Her voice belongs on the Big Stage.

Royal Blu – Another from Protoje’s Indigo Camp is Royal Blue. This artiste brings an aura of cool and ease. His lyrics are potent with smooth velvety vocals he has the complete package. Time will even add more dimensions to his music and us the fans cant wait. He got a buzz from his Drake “Controlla” remix and since then has dropped “Believe” featuring starlette Lila Ike, Style and Pattern and Let’s get High. Reggae royalty in the making? Definitely, if he keeps his poise.

Jeeby Lyricist – Jeeby lyricist is another of the supreme talents in Reggae Music today. His lyrics take you places you’ve never been and back as he never fails to thrill. A serious voice with a serious message, as seen in his most recent release On a Wave and Potential. He is also a brilliant artiste to watch live. He accompanied by his band the vibe has rocked many a show across the island, getting better after each passing event. Jeeby Lyricist is definitely one to watch.

Yanah I – The voice that escapes from this songbird is ear-grabbing, to say the least. I was first introduced to her song The Root which had me instantly searching for more. This is where I came upon her track Think Again on YouTube, another of her masterpieces. Her brand and music is growing at a rapid pace. YANAH I wul dem!

These young artistes are rising craft-wise and well as in notoriety. Don’t wait until they are the biggest stars on the island, get on to their music as soon as possible. The new generation is here to make a loud noise which we’ve already seen with the likes of Koffee and Lila Ike both making a massive impact this year which should serve as motivation for these young talented upcoming artistes. I urge them to keep it up as I urge fans also to support them, our music depends on it.