Jahvillani and Shane E Beefing, Dancehall Fans Pick Sides

Shane E and Jahvillani

Jahvillani and Shane E now beefing? Dancehall fans pick sides.

It seems that Jahvillani has no friends left in the industry. Well not literally, just implying that recently he has been subject to fire from all angles. The “Clark’s Pon Foot” deejay is currently involved in a lyrical bout with another young gun Chronic Law. Diss songs were done on both sides with the Law Boss even replying to a preview of a diss song put out on Jahvillani’s Instagram. Face shot by Chronic Law and Goat were the songs that spiraled out of that ongoing rivalry which has dancehall’s full attention.

It doesn’t seem to stop there for Jahvillani one would think “one clash at a time,” but now Shane E has entered the fray. The outspoken deejay took to his Instagram to shed light on the source of his grievance with Jahvillani. The Drag Lawd explained Jahvi’s associates demanded his songs not be played to accommodate more of Jahvi’s songs. Painted with colorful language this live video also contains a threatening undertone, it definitely seems like the nature of this dispute leans toward the serious end of the spectrum.

Does it benefit dancehall artistes to dwell in these spats continually? Does it help the music if artistes control who get played?

These questions must be asked and swiftly answered as light must be shed to uplift the state of the industry. Both artistes, in my opinion, should be seeking ways to collaborate and share each other’s fan base to continually aid their growth versus inciting violence towards a fellow artiste, or blacklisting artistes who they think shouldn’t be played.

It seems at the moment it is Chronic Law vs. Jahvillani vs. Shane E, something resembling triple threat match. Old folks would say Three the hard way. Watch Shane E’s live video with his explanation.