Agent Sasco Shows Class and Grit At Reggae Sumfest 2019 Dancehall Night

Agent Sasco Sumfest
Agent Sasco at Sumfest

Agent Sasco display class and grit as he commands the stage at Reggae Sumfest 2019 Dancehall Night.

Its almost weird now to call Agent Sasco formerly Assassin a veteran in the industry, having grown up with him just getting his break. How he has matured since is nothing short of amazing and he showed it once again with his 2019 Reggae Sumfest performance. He started with his hit song “Carry On” a track known to get any party started, which is precisely what it did last night. “Big up every massive / mi seh big up every crew,” he deejays. He moved on to serenade the crowd with his earlier hits, a high energy medley packed with lyrics, proving his pedigree, as if he needed to. He unleashed songs like “Don’t Mek Wi Hold Yuh” and “Leave us Alone.” Just like that, the vibe was already electric after the first few songs.

Sasco proceeded to bridge the gap between reggae and dancehall as he transitioned into “Fade Away,” a song also featuring Romaine Virgo who unfortunately wasn’t present at Sumfest. Never the less it lulled the crowd into a vibe necessary to embrace what was to come. “Mix Up,” and “Anywhere We Go,” brought the nostalgia full circle as Assassin took over from Agent Sasco for a while quite seamlessly as Sumfest certainly seemed happy to see him.

Agent Sasco skillfully presented his monster hit “Winning,” which followed. Sumfest seemed as if it transformed into a spiritual session, needless to say, the song was hitting home, then coupled with a song like Banks of the Hope to bring a top-notch performance to its climax.

It is evident who the big boys of our music industry are, that said Agent Sasco is definitely one of them. A show like Sumfest would not be complete without his presence. A performer of the highest ilk.