Mr. Lexx Blast Dancehall Artistes For Overcharging Sound Systems For Dubplates

Dexta Daps and Mr Lexx

Mr. Lexx put dancehall artistes on blast for overcharging souns system selectors for dubplates.

Mr. Lexx’s recent post about greedy artistes overcharging sound system operators for dubplates and specials, has set off a firestorm in the dancehall industry, and music selectors and sound clash fans are backing him 100 percent. The artiste posted a five and a half minute monologue on Instagram on Sunday, in which he upbraided particularly the young upcoming artistes, whom he says are charging selectors an arm and a leg to cut dubplates and specials for them.

“Nuff a unnu artiste a overdo it wid di dubplate price an a charge sound man dis one bag a money. Dis one bag a bl@$#claat money and oonu naw kill no soun. Some a oonu can’t even deejay pon shankai sheng. Some a oonu can’t even deejay pon Far East riddim and a charge sound man dis bag a money, jus because a oonu ego and oonu want prove say oonu worth more dan annadda artistes,” an outraged Mr. Lexx said.

“To di artist dem. Save an secure our culture…And any artist feel like me a style dem dat a fi unuh business. It’s not about styling it’s about protecting sound clash and dubplate business. That’s all,” Mr. Lexx captioned the video.

He said years ago, similar behavior by artistes had almost turned the soundclash industry on its head due to exorbitant rates, so much so, that the Renaissance sound system circumvented them by using only remixes, and other sound system operators followed suit.

Mr. Lexx said it was sound system operators Irish and Chin who worked tirelessly at the time to save sound clashes at the time by not relying on remixes but stayed true to the use of dubs and specials. He said he was in no way urging deejays and singers to reduce their prices, but recommended that they be reasonable as the industry, which is a vital part of Dancehall culture, “is going down.”

Irish and Chin were among the first to pick up on Lexx’s post. “The yutes for the most part nah listen, many don’t understand and some don’t even care to know the history of sound system culture and the role it plays in the music they can enjoy today. We have pushed for more 45 inclusion in sound clashing for the very reason that many young sounds & selectors cannot afford dubplates. Respect for highlighting this issue, give thanks for the mention,” the sound system operators told Mr. Lexx.

“Well said Mr. Lexx, but another thing there’s no more anthems anymore. Once upon a when soundclash a keep everybody had a tune which the next sound couldn’t play. But now everybody’s playing the same tunes its coming like the only way you can have an anthem is if the artist is dead which is a shame we need more creativity in the industry again,” wicked_wayne wrote.

Another sound system selector, djenglishfire also contended that many of the artistes are too greedy. “REAL FCKING TALK…. no artist nuh loyal to no sound or to dubplates A LOT of artists are only loyal to money and dat ah fck up wi industry…. artist nah work wid the djs / selectors and they don’t care to which is a BIG PROBLEM…. I agree with this post… 1500 for 1min 30 – 45 seconds (no double voice / no real effort is a big disrespect) worse if u want a custom it’s way out of hand,” he said.

Mr. Lexx says he is now looking for sponsorship for a forum to discuss the issue further and hopefully find a solution. “I think this is necessary,” he wrote. “Hopefully the sound system community and the artist industry can discuss and put things in perspective for the betterment of this sound clash culture. As soon as it’s finalized I updated y’all on when and where. Thanks.”