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DHQ Carlene & Beenie Man Daughter Crystal Now Managing Her Bumpaz Dancehall Venture

Carlene and Crystal

Dancehall Queen Carlene is bringing her daughter with Beenie Man, Crystal Davis, into the business of dancehall.

Last month, the dancehall ambassador made headlines when she aired out her baby daddy Beenie Man for not stepping up for their daughter. She didn’t go into details, but it was enough to trigger a response from the dancehall king who was spotted at his son’s graduation. Carlene is now moving on from that drama, and now she and her daughter are teaming up for her new dancehall venture Bumpaz.

Crystal Davis recently graduated from upper-level high school with honors and was accepted at the University of the West Indies to pursue a degree in Business Administration. She will also serve as a part of the management team of Bumpaz, which is a Las Vegas-style dancehall venture geared towards adults who wants to showcase sexy.

“She’s part of the team, and it has nothing to do with entertainment – just the business segment,” Carlene told the Star. “She will be putting events together, making sure things are in order, whatever it takes to keep it alive as a business. She knows the difference between the business of dancehall and the performance – and she’s always loved the idea of presenting dancehall.”

Carlene added that Bumpaz would be something like the movie, Coyote Ugly, but tailored for a dancehall audience. “It’s going to be tastefully sexy. So we have a sexy themed bar where there is vibes, hot girls serving patrons, sensual dance routines, contests that rewards women for their sexuality and good clean fun,” she shared.

Carlene makes it clear that she is on a mission to bring sexy back to dancehall. However, her daughter, who is now 20 years old, will manage thing from behind the scenes.